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This website is aimed at informing the adience about viticultura and wines. Our aim is to make a brief summary of the history of wine, from antiquity to out time, and to mention those countries that are foremost ue to its viticulture. Since a lot of people is interested in becoming familiar with the process of winemaking, we have included a section that is partly devoted to the describtion of winegrowing and the differences in the prouction of red, white, rosé and sparkling wine.

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There is also a section where you will become familiar with the most common varieties of grapevine, both white and red grapes. Since there are more than 600 varieties of grape in store, we have selected the most common ones and have made a summary of its main characteristics and of its origin. In some cases we have also mentioned which are the most common foods with which grapevines can be matched. The last section of this website deals with wine-tasting, serving temperaturas and bouquet.

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